August 14th, 2019

4 Reasons Why Your Business Can’t Survive Without Call Tracking

Call Tracking Success

Small businesses, especially startups, don’t have much money to funnel into advertising that doesn’t produce conversions. These businesses need to put their funds where they can attract more customers and build a better brand image.

4 Points About Call Tracking Software to Consider

If you are considering using call tracking software, think about these essential points.

1) Drive Customers To Your Business

Call tracking gives you special phone numbers that you can put on your online ads, including pay-per-click ads.

Mobile Users Prefer Phone Numbers

One report notes that around 6 to 8 percent of people viewing ads on their mobile phones are more likely to click on PPC ads that have a phone number. That’s a nice increase over the interaction that PPC ads will get if they contain only a web form for customers to fill out.

Use Call Tracking Analytics to Improve Marketing

Another thing that call tracking does is help you to determine what search terms are leading clients to contact your company. Knowing what a caller was looking for helps you to tighten up your interaction with that person. Lastly, keyword insight can give your marketing team vital information to build better lead generation campaigns.

2) Know What Your Customers Want

Around 52 percent of individuals who do click through the ads will call your company. This instant engagement results in rapid leads and quick conversions.

Call Analytics Provides Better KPIs

With call tracking software, you know what the customer wants when they call. Each campaign can have a different phone number, which allows you to collect specific marketing points used to fine-tune your lead generation.

When the customer calls your business, you are likely to have a 500 to 1,000 percent increase in revenue. In addition to more revenue, it may also lead to an increase in offline purchases. The estimates show that around 78 percent of mobile searches will result in an offline purchase.

3) Pinpoint Valuable Ad Campaigns

Call tracking, when used correctly, is king in A/B testing. Since different ad campaigns will use different phone numbers, you can pinpoint which version has the best return on investment (ROI).

Receive Data Similar to Adwords Data from Anywhere

The call tracking software handles information for phone calls in a similar manner as the tracking that is present for online ad programs like AdWords.

Extremely Useful for Real World Use Cases

The call tracking software fills a black hole of sorts regarding print ads. Without it, it’s difficult to know if a billboard or magazine ad is boosting your business’ presence to customers. With call tracking software, you can find out what ad campaigns are reaching your audience. You may even get new demographic information and find a new audience.

4) Track Employee Interactions

Your employees are one of your most valuable assets to your company, but only if they are providing a good experience for your customers.

Hold Employees Accountable

Call tracking enables you to keep a watchful eye on how employees are interacting with clients. It provides valuable information about how long employees are staying on each call, as well as the outcome of each.

Improve Productivity on Inbound Calls

Most call tracking also integrates with CRM software to provide contact history. So, your employees won’t have to waste time trying to determine what the caller wants and needs. Instead, they have valuable information about those needs from the start, which can provide the customer with rapid service and appropriate solutions.

All Call Tracking Systems Are Not Equal

You need a call tracking system that scales with your needs. Not all companies need the same functions, so think carefully about how the program can help your business and boost customer interactions with your company.

A good return-on-investment and a positive branding experience are beneficial to the company’s bottom line. You may be wondering why you waited this long to invest in call tracking.