September 11th, 2017

How Can Call Tracking Help Me?

call tracking advertising

Do you know which advertising method pulls the biggest return on investment for your company? Is it the radio spot, the billboard off the freeway exit, or the Google Adwords campaign? Using call tracking software gives you the insight you need to answer this question and many others related to your inbound calls.

Having the ability to determine your top-performing advertising campaigns is the most useful reason to use call tracking software. Without it, you’re left trying to determine the source of calls either through customer surveys or the location they called from.

When you use call tracking software, unique numbers for each advertisement help keep everything straight. If you’re taking inbound calls from advertising campaigns your business should already be equipped with call tracking software.

5 Reasons Your Call Center Needs Call Tracking

1) Maximize your marketing budget and increase your advertising spend.

Optimize your advertising and marketing spending with call tracking. Determine the dollar value of every advertising campaign you run and use the data to adjust your approach with future advertisements.

The more money you funnel into effective advertisements, the more you’ll have to put towards upcoming ads. Call tracking establishes the baseline necessary for running effective advertisement campaigns with your marketing department.

2) Know your customers and understand their behavior.

Call tracking software reveals which advertisements your prospects and customers most respond to. You can use it to perform A/B tests, changing small aspects of an advertisement, to learn even more about your audience.

Create more targeted ads in the future with the data you gather on your prospects and customers. Save time and money not only on discovering where calls originate but on creating your advertisements from the beginning. The more tailored your ad from the start, the better the return in the long run.

3) Never miss an opportunity or another call.

Some call tracking software offers the option to send out an email or SMS alerts whenever you miss an inbound call. Whether you’re away from your desk or simply unable to take it at the moment, these alerts ensure you will never miss another callback opportunity.

Employ the use of email and SMS alerts in order to return calls as soon as you receive them. Minutes matter in sales; the longer you wait to call the prospect back, the higher the chance they are on the phone with someone else.

4) Gather and analyze details on employee performance to improve sales.

Assure quality and consistency from agents with the use of call tracking system features. Monitor their productivity and assess their performance with call recordings. Real-time reporting gives you the ability to determine top-performing agents, separated by categories such as total calls, average call duration, or dispositions.

By addressing agent performance on both an individual and group level, you can encourage consistency throughout your company. With the steady increase in consistency, you’ll see sales spike as time goes on as well.

5) Provide insight and transparency to your clients if you’re an advertising agency.

Call tracking software allows your agency to create sub-accounts. These offer clients the ability to check on their own call logs, reports, and recordings on their own time. This saves you the time of having to pull reports while allowing the client to feel in control and see their results immediately.

Sub-accounts allow you to keep clients informed and maintain transparency about the work you do for their company. When you can prove the results of your work, they will continue to work with you. Call tracking helps you do just that.

Employ Call Tracking at Your Company

Regardless of the industry you work in, or the size of your business, call tracking can help any company. If you’re conducting multiple advertising campaigns simultaneously, there is no reason you shouldn’t be tracking inbound calls.

Ultimately, save your budget when you funnel your marketing dollars into only effective advertisements. Gain insight on prospect and customer behavior. Give your marketing a solid backbone to build up and stand on, to keep your business solid for the long-run.