January 16th, 2019

Free Port In and Out: How Easy Is It?

The ability to effectively communicate with clients, customers, vendors, and colleagues working remotely is an essential component of any business. The last thing you’d want is for anyone seeking to contact your business to have to search for new contact information because you’ve changed telephone service providers and a new phone number was provided.

Customers and clients who were already familiar with your current phone number may become a bit confused when suddenly required to dial a new number, especially if that number has been utilized for a number of years. In essence, a phone number is a part of your brand—it likely appears not only on your website, but on all of your marketing materials as well.

But obviously, as technology continues to improve and advance every day, you may seek to upgrade your business telephone system. Additionally, you may seek a new telephone service provider that offers more features and competitive pricing. While both of these options may lead you to believe that you will need to change your phone number, that simply isn’t true—your can keep your current number by porting it to the new system or provider.

What is Porting a Number In or Out?

Porting a number is a fairly simple concept and procedure, with great benefits. It entails taking your existing inbound phone number from one provider and/or phone system and transferring it to another provider or phone system. “Porting out” refers to transferring your current phone number from one service provider to another. “Porting in” entails keeping your current phone service provider but transferring your current number to a new phone system.

This is not to be confused with call forwarding, which involves forwarding all inbound calls from one number to another, completely different phone number.

If you feel that it is important that you keep your existing phone number when acquiring a new phone system or service provider, then porting your number is your best option.

3 Reasons Why You Want to Port a Number

As already mentioned above, it is often recommended that a business not change their current phone number simply because their current roster of clients and contacts are already familiar with it. But there are other reasons and advantages to porting a number.

1) No Need to Change Marketing Materials

Remember the marketing materials that were also mentioned? Porting your number means you don’t have to change and print any new materials, saving you a great deal of time and money. Likewise, the contact information on your website, blogs, social media pages, and online directories can also remain unchanged. And if you happen to utilize expensive print advertising such as billboards, imagine how much it would cost to change a billboard simply because you changed your number? Subsequently, porting a number is very cost-effective for your business.

2) Competitors Won’t Be Able to Get Your Old Number

Porting your current number also means it will continue to be unavailable to competitors. If you were to change your number, the current number would be released, and a savvy competitor may seek to snatch it up in an attempt to acquire some of your customer base through subtle confusion.

3) You Can Update Your Business Phone System

At one time updating your phone system meant having to change your number as well. Thankfully, this is no longer the case. The ability to port your phone number enables you to update your phone business system and take advantage of new features and advancing technology to better serve the needs of your business and your customers. You can also easily change phone service providers if you aren’t happy with your current provider of it you have found another provider that offers more features.

How Easy is it to Port Your Number?

Porting your number doesn’t have to be overly difficult or take too long—it all depends on what service provider you are working with. If a particular company tells you it could take a few weeks, you may wish to seek out other options, as it really shouldn’t take any longer than a few days. A reputable company will have your number ported quickly and with ease so that there is no interruption to your daily business tasks.

Consider Caller Insight, which provides powerful communications solutions and sophisticated call tracking software for small business owners, enterprise clients, marketing and advertising groups, media and publishing companies, and many other organizations in a wide range of industries. They make the number porting process very simple—the process if free of charge, and all you need to do is fill out a form, and shortly thereafter, your number will be ported in and out.

So if you want to avoid the confusion and potential chaos that can ensure when you change your business number(s), opt for porting your number in or out. Not only is it cost-effective, but you’ll also ensure that all your contacts, as well as future potential customers and clients, will continue to associate your current number with your brand and your business.