September 11th, 2019

Grow Your Agency In 2019 With White Label Call Tracking

Grow Your Business

These days, agencies need to provide the very best service and value for each client to stand out from their competition. White labeling offers one of the fastest ways to streamline the user experience and set your company apart. Continue reading to find out more about how white label call tracking benefits your business.

What Is White Labeling?

White labeling is a premium service that allows you to rebrand the products and services made by another company. This feature helps you provide a wide range of services for customers all within your company’s branding.

What Does White Labeling Accomplish?

White labeling lets you customize for appearance, policy, support, and even more depending on the software. Your customers see your company name across the platform, and you don’t have to build all your services.

For example, if you go to a grocery store like Walmart, you’ll notice that you can buy all kinds of products sold under the “Great Value” brand. That doesn’t mean that Walmart is producing all these products. Instead, they white label products from various companies. This method gives customers an affordable off-brand option.

Expand Your Agency Brand

Don’t just offer your clients a tool or service that’s branded by another company. White label the service instead and cover the platform with your branding. It’s a great way to appeal to clients by offering them a broader set of tools that look like they’re within your brand.

Unite Services to Improve User Experience

Most of the time, companies tend to hodgepodge tools with specific purposes from all over the place to cover all their bases. Agencies are no exception. Most agencies use many different tools at any given time. Your company might offer SEO, analytics, content creation, mobile apps, call tracking, and more. Running all these programs and platforms can confuse and overwhelm your customers. You provide a better experience when you unite your services under white labeled services.

White Label Call Tracking Benefits

The best benefit of white label call tracking is that someone else handles software updates and server maintenance. You don’t need to develop or manage the infrastructure of an entire software platform. For example, Caller Insight takes care of all that for you and lets you provide the service under your name.

With white label call tracking, you also enjoy:

  • Consistent branding
  • No need for infrastructure management
  • Better quality of service for your customers
  • Larger potential profit margin
  • Less internal overhead spent developing and packaging new or add-on services
  • Much higher customer lifetime value of your service

Why Would Your Customers Care?

Your clients want to know what services you are providing for them and how well your efforts are working. That’s why it’s vital to make reporting and analytics as smooth and seamless as possible. It keeps your clients from guessing what they are accomplishing with your products.

5 Key Features of White Label Call Tracking

An agency without a dedicated development team lacks the resources to create its software products. Still, you need to share data with their clients. If you’re sharing info from 12 different platforms, though, it’s clear you’re a smaller operation. This insight puts you at risk of losing larger clients looking for a more sophisticated solution.

1) Sub-Accounts

White labeling with Caller Insight allows you to create sub-accounts for each client, all with your logo. This way, clients see reports produced under your brand instead of under the Caller Insight name.

Sub-accounts allow you to manage all clients and marketing campaigns in one central account. You can create individual campaigns for your clients and track their success. You can also offer your client login info to their dedicated account so they can view all their campaigns and call data.

2) Proving ROI

Because you and your clients each have access to each of their campaign dashboards, they can see in real-time how well your efforts are working. Your customers have proof of incoming calls to each campaign you are running, so there are never any discrepancies. This transparency is immensely helpful in proving the ROI of your efforts and in building trust with your clients.

3) Less Confusion

White labeling makes it easy to manage all your clients with a single login, instead of having to toggle between many tools. It shows that your agency’s work is generating leads and revenue for your clients.

4) More Informed Decisions

Our white label call tracking also allows your agency to track the success of each campaign. Both you and your clients can make more informed decisions about future marketing campaigns.

5) Powerful Add-On Offer

Many agencies use our call tracking as a complementary “add on” for their clients to offer more value with a package service deal. You get to resell our call tracking services as your own while we handle the hassles of the back end.

Call Tracking is an essential part of marketing and is a great way to bring success to your clients. The ability to show your results with white label reporting and analytics jump out as an immediate value to many of your clients. Caller Insight makes sure your clients stay focused on your brand and the value you offer.

Contact our sales team to learn more about white label call tracking, and we can get your service set up right away! Your clients will surely thank you for making the call.