October 24th, 2018

How Call Tracking Will Improve Your E-commerce Business

e-commerce customer service

Call tracking is revolutionizing the way e-commerce businesses approach marketing, customer service and customer retention. The ability to track calls using unique phone numbers provides organizations with a huge amount of valuable data which can be used to drive sales and develop customer loyalty.

If you run an e-commerce business and you’re not yet convinced about the advantages of call tracking software, here are some exciting benefits that might change your mind.

Track ROI Effectively

Marketing, advertising and web development all require substantial investment, so you need to know that your money is delivering a healthy return. Call tracking helps you to track ROI in a number of ways. For example, using call logs, you can identify where calls originate from. The chances are you’re spending your marketing budget in several areas, so it’s essential to understand what’s working and what isn’t.

Improve Customer Service

Call tracking software records your calls with the consent of the consumer. By assessing calls from a range of locations, customers and scenarios, you can monitor customer service and look for opportunities to improve the service you’re providing. Call routing is another function that improves the overall experience for customers. There are various methods of routing calls, all of which ensure that the most appropriate employee deals with inquiries, complaints and sales opportunities, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Improve Employee Training and Development

The ability to assess call logs and study call recordings provides you with the information you need to coach and develop your employees. Training gaps can be identified, and real-world case studies can be used to coach both new and existing team members. If your e-commerce website is growing rapidly, this information could be become an integral part of managing standards and exceeding the expectations of your customers.

Manage Sales Leads

Managing sales leads through to conversion can be a highly complex task. But call tracking software allows you to keep accurate records by harvesting data from call logs. You can identify how each lead was acquired, and use information about the person to tailor appropriate marketing messages and offers.

Call recording is another important part of managing sales leads. Imagine you’re selling bicycles, and a customer tells one of your telephone advisers that they want a particular type of mountain bike. Although you might not have been able to fulfill the order at the time, having that information allows you to reach out to the customer when you do.

In fact, every function of call tracking software is geared towards lead management. Whether you’re routing sales calls to the most appropriate sales adviser or you’re providing a click-to-call link on your website, managing the telephone-based aspects of the customer journey is crucial to the cultivation of leads.

Assess Your Operations in Real Time

Advanced call tracking platforms give you the opportunity to monitor real-time data using a simple interface. View data according to the campaign, the time of day, call duration, and geographic location. By monitoring real-time statistics, you can react to changes as and when they occur. This allows you to take advantage of sales and cost-saving opportunities the moment they become apparent.

Imagine you’re selling clothes on an e-commerce site. Your real-time reports are telling you that there has been a sudden surge in telephone-based inquiries about your latest range of sportswear. Armed with this information, you can give these garments prominence on your website. And because call volumes are rising sharply, you can assign more advisers to cope with the demand.

Increase Website Conversions

The modern-day consumer has a relatively short attention span. Let’s face it, there is so much choice out there, and the smallest navigational or usability issue on a website can send prospective customers to one of your competitors with the click of a mouse. Make your customer journey as simple as possible by adding a click-to-call icon to your website. This puts the user straight through to a real person within your organization — giving your conversion rates a huge boost.

Manage the Customer Journey from Start to Finish

Imagine someone arrives at one of your website’s landing pages. The person likes what they see, and they want to know more about your products. They start the buying process via the click-to-call link on your site.

Call routing sends them to the adviser best placed to deal with their inquiry. Unfortunately, the adviser is on another call, and the customer gives up. But all is not lost. You receive an SMS alert telling you that the call was missed, so you give the details to one of your employees.

A positive conversation takes place between the adviser and the customer. You know this because you have listened to the recording, of course. However, you notice that your employee missed an opportunity to talk about a new range you’re offering (something you can coach during your next one-to-one training session).

The sale goes through regardless, and the call log is telling you that your team member processed it faster than the company average. Overall, a great experience for the customer and a completed sale.

Caller Insight is a call tracking system that maps every moment of the telephone-based sales process. Implement it in your e-commerce business to improve your offer, grow sales and improve customer experience.