August 28th, 2019

How Dynamic Number Insertion Gets You Deeper Insights

Call Tracking Phone Number Insertion

In today’s high-tech world of sales, you need to know as much as possible about your customers and leads. It’s pretty easy to learn about your online sales. Your CRM software probably already keeps track of things like which ads people click, which search engines they use, and which landing pages they visit before placing orders.

What about all of the customers who call you to place orders or get answers to their questions?

That’s where call tracking and dynamic number insertion become essential.

The Basics of Call Tracking

Since you’re here, you probably already know about call tracking. Still, it never hurts to go over the basics to make sure everyone’s on the same page.

Companies have used various types of call tracking for decades. A low-tech example of call tracking includes putting unique phone numbers of advertisements displayed in certain parts of the country. When you advertise in New York, you give potential customers one number to call. When you display the same ad in Detroit, you provide a different phone number.

By using two different phone numbers, you know whether a customer is responding to the ad you placed in New York or Detroit.

Over time, you can use the information to fine-tune your marketing campaigns and understand how advertisements motivate people differently depending on where they live.

Today, you can apply similar techniques to landing pages, online ads, and keyword searches to learn more about your customers.

Dynamic Number Insertion Takes Call Tracking to the Next Level

Dynamic number insertion takes call tracking to the next level by automatically inserting unique phone numbers on individual pages and for each visitor.

Once you add dynamic number insertion to call tracking, customers will see different phone numbers to your business based on things like:

  • What keyword brought them to your website.
  • Which online ad they clicked.
  • Whether they used mobile or desktop devices to visit your site.
  • The person’s geographic location.

By assigning a phone number based on these and other criteria, you learn essential information about customers.

You can leverage that information to improve your sales techniques and improve your marketing campaigns.

Dynamic Number Insertion Helps You Maintain a High Google Ranking

Before getting into some of the most common benefits of call tracking with dynamic number insertion, let’s look at an advantage that often gets overlooked: NAP consistency.

NAP (name, address, phone number) consistency plays a vital role in your website’s Google ranking. When search engines find inconsistent phone numbers for your company, they may give you a lower ranking that makes it hard for customers to find your website.

Dynamic number insertion overcomes NAP consistency problems by using code that tells your website which phone number to display. The code can recognize web crawlers from search engines, which means it can show search engines a consistent phone number for your business.

Once you start using call tracking with dynamic number insertion, you avoid search engine penalties that can hurt your marketing campaigns.

3 Common Benefits of Call Tracking With Dynamic Number Insertion

Obviously, SEO improvement is a big deal for your company. If your website doesn’t show up on the first page of results, hardly anyone will click through to your site.

There are plenty of other benefits to call tracking with dynamic number insertion, though. Many of the following benefits apply to your business.

1) You Can Provide Local Phone Numbers

Your call center’s location could influence whether people want to buy from your company. Providing a local phone number makes customers feel more comfortable spending money on your products and services.

With dynamic number insertion, your website can determine a person’s geographic location to provide a local phone number.

Local phone numbers also appeal to people calling from landlines. No one wants to pay long distance charges anymore. Giving everyone a local number eliminates that possibility.

2) Get Real-Time Information About Your Campaigns

Which of your PPC keywords lead to more sales through your call center? Which of your landing pages convince more people to pick up their phones?

With dynamic number insertion, you get real-time information about your campaigns. You can use that information to make your marketing more successful without going over your budget.

3) Learn More About Your Social Media ROI

It’s notoriously difficult to determine the effectiveness of social media outreach. Getting a lot of likes and shares feels good, but you don’t know whether they lead to sales.

Dynamic number insertion helps you learn more about your social media ROI. When people use phone numbers from your social media posts, you can determine which posts encourage people to spend money.

Now, you have evidence that your social marketing works (or needs improvement).

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