November 21st, 2018

How Marketing Agencies Keep Call Performance Steady

marketing agency call performance

You’re a marketing agency in a call-based industry. Your job is to keep the calls coming in. You need volume and that “constant ring.” You need to keep the interest high and the customers calling in to make sure that the profits remain steady for your clients.

Unfortunately, competition among call agencies is at an all-time high. Consumers are overwhelmed by telemarketing calls. Meaning, it’s now more important than ever that you develop your call marketing campaigns. To do this, you need tools that will help you gather the insights necessary to make sound business decisions.

To keep your call performance steady and growing, call tracking is essential.

What Is Call Tracking?

Call tracking is a software that allows you to track, store, and analyze valuable data about your inbound calls. It gives you the ability to track a wide range of call metrics including:

  • Lead source
  • Time distribution
  • Call location
  • Recordings of calls

This information gives you the power to track call performance on a real-time basis. Call tracking is an invaluable tool for marketing agencies with call marketing-based industries.

Benefits of Call Tracking For Marketing Agencies

Call tracking offers marketing agencies two primary benefits.

Real-Time Reporting

You can run live reports that provide the metrics that you need. These reports are how you gain valuable insight into your marketing campaigns.

Take Action

With real-time insights, you can continuously track the success of each campaign and make adjustments if necessary. For example, if one marketing medium isn’t producing enough, you can increase your efforts in another campaign to ensure your overall call performance remains steady.

3 Ways Call Tracking Keeps Call Performance Steady

It’s easy to see how call tracking gives marketing agencies the power to improve call performance. Several important features help you maximize the effectiveness of call tracking.

1) Campaign Grouping

One obstacle many marketing agencies face is not being able to get an overall, big-picture view of how things are running. Call tracking can help you overcome this obstacle by giving you that big-picture view through campaign grouping.

Let’s say that you are running three call marketing campaigns. You have PPC, local advertising, and a social media campaign. Call tracking identifies the lead source, which allows you to track the metrics for each separately. With this level of analysis, you can determine which marketing tactics are successful. Additionally, you can make the necessary adjustments quickly.

In the past, marketing experts would have to add up calls across multiple campaigns manually. Now results are instant thanks to tracking software. That gives you more time to focus on more critical aspects of your marketing campaigns. It also provides you with the real-time data you need to make quick marketing decisions. If one campaign is not providing a steady flow of calls, you can implement a supplemental strategy to drive up call performance.

2) Account Access

As a marketing agency, you know that there is a high demand for transparency and real-time results. Your clients are undoubtedly already asking for greater access to their campaign call data and analysis. The good news is that Caller Insight offers this level of service through sub-accounts and white labeling. With more transparency, keeping call performance steady becomes even more important since the customer will call you out on low call volume.

Sub Accounts

Unlike other call tracking companies, Caller Insight allows you to bring your clients in to see the raw call and data information through a sub-account. Through this sub-account, your clients can log in to the system, and you can send regular reports right to their inbox.

There’s plenty of flexibility with this, too. It can be set up by either you or the client. Any client can use automatic email reporting to get any of the following helpful information:

  • Calls by a campaign
  • Unique calls
  • Average duration
  • Total duration

Sub-accounts have all the same filtering capabilities as standard accounts do. With Account Access, you can hold your employees accountable – there’s no hiding from the results with the clients seeing it – and you’ll be able to provide your clients the transparency they crave.

White Labeling

White Labeling is merely removing the Caller Insight branding and replacing it with your own. Agencies, in particular, love this feature. It eliminates confusing from your clients since all the reports seemingly come from your company.

3) SMS and Email Notifications

With our notification system, you’re never caught unaware. Our phone call tracking system allows you to set up SMS or email notifications – for the client or the agency. Notifications can trigger on any call, or a specific type of call, like short calls, for example. That is a tremendous benefit of call tracking.

When you miss critical calls, call performance takes a hit. You usually have to wait until someone examines the call logs to find out the opportunity that was lost. It’s a swing and a miss far too often – and the SMS and email notifications help to eliminate that blind spot. As a bonus, each campaign can have its own set of rules for these alerts.

Incorporating Call Tracking at Your Company

Call tracking gives you insights and real-time data. You need this to track the success of your marketing campaigns, make immediate adjustments as necessary, and keep call performance steady. Call tracking also help you build trust between your agency and your clients, keep your staff accountable, and avoid missed opportunities.

Are you interested in seeing what Caller Insight can do for your marketing efforts? Sign up for a free 30-day trial here or explore what we’re all about here.