July 31st, 2019

Maintaining NAP Consistency & SEO With Dynamic Call Tracking

Dynamic Call Tracking Maintains SEO

Google and other search engines do their best to give users accurate results that help people find the information they want. You might not think that your phone number plays much of a roll in how Google ranks sites. When you take a deep dive into SEO, though, you learn that many search engines compare the information on websites to ensure accuracy.

What Is NAP Consistency?

When it comes to your NAP (Name, Address, Phone number), search engines verify accuracy by looking for consistency. You want Google’s crawlers to find the same phone number on every page that you manage.

NAP consistency probably sounds simple to some people. You make sure that you use your headquarter’s phone number on every page. Right? If 1-800-555-8756 reaches your primary operator, then use that number exclusively.

It gets a little more complicated for companies that use unique numbers for things like A/B testing and tracking unique visitors.

2 Big Problems With Multiple Phone Numbers

It’s possible to target demographics by creating multiple landing pages that use different keywords that attract different types of people. For example, an insurance agency might use the term “compare insurance quotes” to target a general audience with one landing page. A separate landing page could use a phrase like “carrying value” to attract an informed audience of insurance professionals.

When you have landing pages with different phone numbers, though, search engines get confused by the conflicting contact information. Search engines don’t like confusion, so you can expect your pages to get lower rankings than websites that use a uniform phone number.

1) Multiple Numbers Confuse Search Engines

This consistency matters more than you might realize. Research shows that a website’s Google ranking plays a crucial role in how many people visit the site. On desktop computers, the first result on Google has a 31% click-through rate. The second result drops dramatically to a 16% click-through rate. By the time you fall off the first page of results, only 1 to 2% of people visit your site.

In other words, you need to take NAP consistency seriously. Without consistency, you can expect fewer people to visit your website, which means fewer people call to place orders.

Don’t feel discouraged. You can still use call tracking while maintaining NAP consistency that helps you reach a higher Google ranking.

2) Multiple Numbers Can Also Confuse Customers

Posting different numbers online can also confuse your customers. When they see an unfamiliar number or multiple numbers, they might wonder whether:

  • The number they have still works.
  • They need to update your contact information in their phones.
  • They have accidentally looked up the wrong business.
  • Someone has created a fraudulent website to phish your business’s customers.

Customers like confusion about as much as search engine crawlers. Choosing one number helps them feel confident.

But You Still Want to Track Unique Visitors

You know from experience that tracking unique visitors can improve your sales and customer services. Because you know this, you want to use multiple phone numbers. Even if you’re going to provide a local line to potential customers, it makes sense for you to have more than one phone number.

You don’t want to hurt your Google ranking. How can you find a balance that lets you target your visitor’s demographics while maintaining NAP consistency?

Dynamic Call Tracking to the Rescue!

Dynamic call tracking offers a solution that lets you display a consistent phone number to search engines while giving unique numbers to each individual visitor.

When you use dynamic call tracking, a piece of code gets injected into your website. The system tells your page whether to display your default number or a unique phone number for tracking a person’s interactions with your company.

This Approach Offers Several Advantages

When web crawlers from Google and other search engines come to your site, they see your default phone number. Now, you can maintain NAP consistency instead of using several numbers and harming your page ranking.

For each unique visitor, though, the website shows a unique number that follows them. The numbers that callers use tell your sales associates much information about the existing or potential customer. Tailoring each phone number means that your employees have that callers information they need to finalize sales quickly.

How to Start Using Dynamic Call Tracking

You don’t need any unique coding skills to use dynamic call tracking. You need reliable call tracking software that lets you inject custom code into your website. The software does all of the work for you. You only need to tell the program your default phone number and other phone numbers that you want to advertise on your website.

Now, you have a powerful tool that lets you target callers without ruining your SEO efforts. When you adopt dynamic call tracking software from Caller Insight, you can get more from your marketing budget, increase your sales, track employee performance, and access insights into each caller.

Contact Caller Insight today to learn more about dynamic call tracking and start your free, 30-day trial.