October 10th, 2018

Outperform Your Competition with These Caller Insight Features

call tracking features

Despite the rise of the internet, there is still a massive role for the telephone in modern business. In fact, thanks to call tracking and integrated online telephony systems, call data now works hand in hand with websites and other online resources.

Caller Insight Call Tracking Features

By leveraging the key features delivered by the Caller Insight call tracking system, you can gain a competitive advantage. Not convinced? Here are a few of those features, and how they can help you to achieve your business goals.

Keyword Reporting

Caller Insight provides you with easy-to-assess data on the performance of your targeted keywords. Work out which of your keywords result in the highest call durations and the biggest conversion rates. Use this information to fine-tune your PPC and SEO strategies, or to manage your call-handling employees.

Organic and Paid Search Reporting

Caller Insight includes a “click to call” function that can be easily integrated into your websites. Every time someone uses this function to get in touch, the call is logged and details of how the visitor arrived at the landing page are logged. In practical terms, this allows you to see how many calls are coming from organic searches, and how many from paid advertising campaigns. This particular report gives you an indication of how effective your digital marketing strategies are.

Source Reporting

Caller Insight is always monitoring and recording your incoming calls. A source report displays this information in a clear and concise way, helping you to understand where your calls are coming from. Your calls may be generated from multiple sources, including search engines, social media platforms, your websites, and third-party websites that link to you. Having this information allows you to monitor the efficiency of your marketing strategies, and identify opportunities.

Landing Page Reporting

Caller Insight lets you know which of your landing pages are generating the most telephone inquiries. Identify poorly-performing pages, and improve them to deliver better call conversion rates. Landing page reports also make A/B testing a simple process.

Toll Free Numbers

Increase the chances of your website visitors calling your business by offering them a free option to call. Caller Insight has several toll-free numbers available, including 800, 888,866 and 855.

Call Reporting

Details of the calls coming into your business are logged on a continual basis — and delivered to you in multiple reporting formats. Use data such as caller ID, data and time stamps, call duration, and recorded audio to analyze sales calls. This vital information allows you to identify lost sales opportunities or staff training deficiencies. Each individual call can be downloaded in MP3 format for analysis and coaching.

Call Distribution

Caller Insight offers a range of features that allow you to direct calls to the people in your organization best qualified to handle them. Whether you need to direct a call to a rep on the road or to a customer service agent in their own home, Caller Insight makes it easy. Functions such as Direct Forwarding, Multi-Ring, Follow Me and Hunt Group get calls to where they need to be. And when things get busy, you have the option of calling up to 10 numbers at the same time.

Real Time Reports

Data is delivered to your computer screen via real-time reports, allowing you to react to changing scenarios as they play out.

Caller Insight utilizes a web-based user interface that allows you to manage your business’ telephone marketing campaigns from anywhere in the world. With a powerful sales tool like this at your disposal, outperforming the competition should become a lot easier.

Call Handling Software Can Help Your Business to Grow

Despite the growth of the Internet in recent years, telephony-based marketing, sales processing and customer service have never been more important. Consumers still like to speak to a real person; indeed, many insist on it. If you have a call tracking system that makes managing your calls simple and effective, you may be able to leverage opportunities you’ve never encountered.