September 26th, 2018

5 Powerful Features & Important Benefits of Call Tracking

Caller Insight was founded in 2016 and is based in Irvine, California. As the name implies, this company offers a solution that provides transparency through call tracking.

You may not have a lot of information about your leads, clients or customers who are calling in. Information such as:

  • Which advertisements did they see?
  • How often does a call lead to a conversion?
  • How many customers end up being repeat buyers?

These questions and many others usually go unanswered when you use basic marketing technology.

What Does Caller Insight Offer?

Caller Insight’s call tracking solution gives your data-driven marketing team more data on every call. Each of your advertising campaigns gets a different toll-free or local number, so you can precisely measure the call response and performance for each one. These numbers can be toll-free or set to the local area code, depending on the geographic range of your marketing strategy.

When you log in to Caller Insight, you can access the data. The web-based platform shows you the call data for individual marketing campaigns, in comparison to other campaigns, and with A/B testing. You can access Caller Insight from your computers, smartphones, tablets and other internet-connected devices. The platform offers a range of features and functionalities that are invaluable for understanding the role that inbound calls play in your marketing efforts.

Call Logs

The call logs give you real-time access to the data that Caller Insight has collected. There are a lot of metrics to work with, such as who called in, the campaign the call was associated with, which employee took the call, and any keywords associated with pay-per-click campaigns. The full call gets saved as an MP3 file, so you can reference it later.

Call Routing

Caller Insight can route your inbound calls in a few different ways. You can spread the incoming calls evenly, so everyone has a similar workload. The multi-ring feature goes out to all your representatives at the same time. Whoever picks up first gets the call. Follow-me is a set priority order that goes from one agent to another until it reaches an available person. SMS and email alerts are available to alert agents when they have missed an inbound call.

Real-Time Analytics

With Caller Insight, you can watch your data and get reports as the calls happen. You can look at your information in many different ways, including by campaign, by length of call, by time received, and by geographic location.

Click-to-Call Code

Make it easy and convenient for leads to get in touch with you. A click-to-call code calls the person who wants to get in touch with you and places that person in the inbound calling queue.

Keyword Tracking

Do you have a phone number for each of your PPC campaigns? Track campaign performance with this tool to find out which one generates the most interest.

Benefits of Tracking Calls

Your organization tracks a lot of marketing data, but not being able to see what’s going on with your calls is a big blind spot. Call tracking improves visibility and gives you the opportunity to optimize your campaigns. It’s particularly helpful for offline campaigns, as there are not many other options for determining which advertising location is bringing in the most interest and sales. When you have a way to measure this information, you can better allocate your marketing and advertising budget.

Increased Targeting

You can then further optimize your marketing efforts by better targeting your ads to turn more leads into customers. An integrated campaign that adds call tracking data to the rest of the available metrics leads to well-tailored ads.

Never Miss a Call

An indirect benefit of call tracking is that you can limit how long it takes for a lead to get a follow-up call. You won’t always have someone immediately available to talk to a potential customer, but you’ll know when the call comes in, so you can arrange for an agent to call back as soon as possible.

Identify Sales Problems

Do you get a lot of interest in your marketing campaigns yet not see it translate to sales? The representatives taking inbound calls may need some help sealing the deal, or the sales funnel could require some adjustment. When you have call recordings available through a call tracking solution, you can listen in and figure out exactly what’s happening.

Perhaps your ads are setting the wrong expectations with leads, creating a disconnect once they start talking with your agents. Employees may have problems closing because of a lack of sales resources or training. Your product or service may require more than one call for an effective close. Many factors play into whether you convert a lead into a customer, and now you have one more data source from which to learn.

Use that Untapped Data Source

You don’t need to be a massive multinational organization to benefit from call tracking. If you have clients, customers and leads calling your company, then you have an untapped data source just waiting for you. Call tracking works to improve your current marketing campaigns, gives you a way to better understand what happens after people call, and helps your company spend its ad budget more wisely.

Try Caller Insight’s call-tracking software free for 30 days to experience these benefits for yourself.