May 8th, 2019

Teamwork When Handling SMS With Call Tracking Capabilities

SMS Teamwork With Call Tracking

Today, SMS messaging represents a growing channel for customers to reach out to businesses. It’s a convenient way to connect people with brands using the mobile device in their pockets.

SMS is also a great way to reach out to younger buyers. 77 percent of consumers between the ages of 18 and 34 are more likely to favor businesses that communicate via text message.

Unfortunately, many businesses have no SMS messaging system at all. Others use outdated and inefficient methods for handling text messages. Your entire team should be able to handle incoming SMS messages and work together to meet potential customers’ needs. Plenty of modern solutions exist today.

Here are some signs that your SMS response system isn’t living up to its full potential. Then find out how Caller Insight can help your team succeed with this relevant communication medium.

Why SMS Marketing Is So Critical

Some companies still overlook SMS messaging in favor of phone calls and email. This oversight is a huge miss! SMS marketing can be an invaluable tool in a company’s promotional strategy. Statistics suggest that SMS messaging generates almost five times the open rate of emails. They also receive an astounding 45 percent response rate.

Yield Direct Response from Printed Ads

SMS also helps drive engagement from real-world print, billboard, radio, and television advertising. Place SMS-enabled numbers on these advertisements. This tactic gives prospective customers an instant way to connect to your business when they hear or see your ad.

Attaching SMS numbers to ads can also be used to gain useful marketing insights. Your business can optimize these campaigns in much the same way as ordinary call tracking. It proves especially useful for split testing some campaigns.

How to Know You Need an Upgrade

There are a few vital signs that it’s time to bring your company’s SMS capabilities into the modern era.

  • SMS messages are on a one-to-one basis.
  • No oversight or reporting on SMS messaging.
  • No teamwork or collaborating on messages.

Your system should not direct SMS messages to only a single member of your team. Agents also should not have to respond manually to SMS inquiries on mobile devices.

Even if you already have an SMS service, an upgrade may still be in order. Not all SMS systems offer the same features and functionality, especially with reporting. Some services allow you to respond to text messages but don’t generate detailed reports. If this is the case, there’s still a great deal of room for improvement.

One of the biggest problems with older software is the lack of collaboration. Whatever system you’re using should also allow your team to work together. They can cooperate to handle incoming texts quickly and efficiently.

How Caller Insight Software Can Help

Caller Insight allows you to integrate text messaging into your broader marketing efforts. This feature is easy to set up and is a great addition to your call tracking system. All you need to get started are your SMS phone numbers. From there, you can set up message routing to your agents, and you’ll be ready for the text messages to start coming in.

Streamline SMS Conversations with Teamwork

Both single agents and entire teams can answer questions from a customer at the same time, all from a single number. This structure streamlines the conversation from the customer’s point of view. It also allows your staff to work together to give that customer the best possible experience during the interaction.

Easier Communication Increases Agent Productivity

One of the most significant advantages of this system is the effect it can have on agent productivity. On average, people can type on a keyboard at roughly double the rate they can enter words using a smartphone touchscreen. This speed difference means that routing messages to your agents’ workstations allow for faster response times. Caller Insight software also makes it easier for agents to handle large volumes of texts from their computers as they come in.

Reporting Shows Which Campaigns are Producing Each Day

The Caller Insight SMS features also provides you with a wealth of information. The system can report the first message of each day, as well as the first message from each unique phone number. Best of all, the feature can connect each customer’s log of messages to his or her CRM entry. This lets agents revisit them for marketing or support purposes in the future.

Making Your Next Move

If your SMS response system is nonexistent? Is stuck in the past or not giving you the reporting and functionality you need? If so, it’s time to consider an upgrade. Use the SMS feature in Caller Insight’s call tracking software can help your team speed up its response time. Distribute messages efficiently. Let your agents collaborate for superior customer experience.

Then combine these advantages with CRM integration and useful reporting. Altogether, this setup gives you all the tools you need to handle SMS marketing like a 21st-century pro.