November 20th, 2019

The Way Digital Media Companies Use Call Tracking

Call tracking is a commonly overlooked feature in the world of marketing. But, it is a tool can offer a wide range of benefits toward improving the overall effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Many modern digital media companies are optimizing their SEO operations by integrating call tracking to their marketing channels and projects. Doing so can improve analysis of lead data.

How Does Call Tracking Work?

Call tracking at its core is the practice of tracing calls to an online marketing effort. Assigning a unique number to either a landing page, banner ad, email campaign or print campaign allows statistics to calls placed for these campaigns. This number is essentially a forwarding number that provides analytics on calls and even recordings.

Using this information it is possible to gauge the popularity of each touch point along the campaign. Analyzing the data received from call tracking allows marketers to fine tune, promote or remove campaigns based on their success rates.

Tracking numbers are generally used in marketing emails, landing pages and paid advertisements. Marketers analyze data collected from call tracking to gain a clearer understanding of the ROI for ongoing marketing efforts.

This process allows optimization of marketing channels that generate the greatest rate of new calls or leads. Thus, call tracking enables marketing agencies to understand consumer behavior trends and strategize more effective outreach strategies.

Implementing Call Tracking

Call tracking can be set in motion through a variety of ways. In the early day, companies applied a unique phone number for each web page or call link to distinguish the lead generation/conversion of each source.

However, this proved to be problematic for Google’s algorithm, which categorized websites uniformly through NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number Directory). As a result, many websites suffered in search result ratings as Google clamped down.

With the changes to Google’s algorithm, the development of Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) arose. DNI is a specialized JavaScript snippet added to websites which displays a unique call number each time a user browses a web page. Implementing call tracking using DNI allows businesses to keep their numbers the same across their listings while allowing tracking statistics for specialized marketing campaigns.

Today many companies use a standard business number, which can have call tracking assigned, on their primary business outlets (websites, directory listings and social media). These companies then use unique call tracking numbers on marketing campaigns to assess their efficiency.

How Digital Media Companies Can Benefit from Call Tracking

There are a series of convenient ways that digital media companies can upgrade their marketing campaigns through call tracking. However, the trick lies in the interpretation of data collected toward fine-tuning or supporting existing marketing content.

Call Tracking Works With SEO

SEO is an indispensable tool that digital agencies employ to attract the attention of relevant and quality leads for their clients. Analyzing organic traffic to your site, in conjunction with call tracking, provides insight on conversion rates of particular pages.

SEO and call tracking complement each other. Agencies are better equipped at detecting the success of keywords that kick-started the user journey in lead conversion (via phone call). So call tracking can help determine the value of your leads acquired from organic traffic.

Additionally, by determining the source of each call, marketers can establish the most popular landing pages in their marketing efforts and invest funds toward optimizing the most effective channels. These measures lead to improved management of marketing budgets and more successful campaigns.

Improved Vetting of Calls

Call recording is a proven method of assessing the quality of a call. Determining whether your agents are handling calls properly or that the proper leads are coming through your marketing channels are essential ways of optimizing marketing strategies.

The combination of call recording and tracking enables digital agencies to conveniently assess the influential keywords, images and other marketing content behind each call.

Call tracking determines the success ratio of conversions through the perspective of callers. Also the accrued analytics provides insight into the clarity of information presented to a caller.

Analysis from recordings helps to identify pitfalls your customers are experiencing. But are agencies asking the right questions with this data? Are there user interface issues? Is information presented clearly and consistently? Are you portraying the right information? These types of factors can determine the caller’s experience and conversion rates.

Supports Call Scoring Data Structure

Digital media agencies provide comprehensive services in their marketing campaign. As such, some clients may request metrics on the success of a campaign based on the overall quality of call. This allows agencies to provide and present call scoring data, which assess the success of a call and the rate of conversion.

Call tracking allows agencies to reliably account for each call to support the scoring process. Additionally, modern voice recognition and machine learning software can expedite the call scoring process.

Keeping clients consistently satisfied with the submissions of call quality assessments is essential. Also, providing detailed reports and data to prove efficiency of marketing campaigns helps justifying budget costs for campaigns.

Provides Insight on Customer Activity

Call tracking provides a great deal of useful information on the behavior of leads. For example, the time of call activity remains one of the more important details. From these analytics, professional marketers can infer caller trends and establish the busiest periods of the day.

These gathered insights can shape future marketing efforts for maximum effectiveness, through timed posts and web page updates.

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