October 23rd, 2019

Why All Healthcare Professionals Should Use Call Tracking

Healthcare Professionals Discussing Call Tracking Data

Every call is crucial in the world of healthcare. That’s because each call can drive a significant moment. That means addressing an emergency or enhancing the patient experience by delivering excellent customer service that outshines the competition. Call tracking can help healthcare providers manage their marketing efforts more efficiently.

3 Call Tracking Benefits For Healthcare Providers

Many healthcare professionals miss out on a few things, though. Knowing why you receive the calls you do, and addressing missed calls isn’t always easy. That’s where call tracking comes in handy. Here’s are some important benefits call tracking brings to healthcare professionals:

1. Get Accountability From Third-Party Services

If you’re a busy healthcare professional, then it’s not uncommon to use a third-party service or tool to handle the phone. From marketing to appointment setting, healthcare professionals often outsource administrative tasks. Even sales calls to third-party vendors are passed off. It makes sense why doctors and other healthcare professionals outsource specific tasks.

Outsourcing comes with the benefit of reducing the cost of labor. Additionally, it gains you access to a broader pool of talent with the expertise you may not have and saves you time.

But how do you know if these services are truly getting the job done? You can take advantage of call tracking software. It ensures your customer service, sales calls, and other tasks you outsource get correctly handled.

For instance, CallerInsight gives you access to call recordings for your review. You can also set up reports to get insight in real-time. This data helps you determine if the third-party service is meeting your expectations for quality assurance. Lastly, it makes it easier to make informed decisions on whether or not outsourcing is worth the cost.

2. Managing Missed Calls

When patients call into your practice, it’s possible to miss their calls. Missed calls can mean missed opportunities. So, it’s crucial to understand how many calls you are missing, and have a plan to reach out to them.

What if the caller was a patient who needed to confirm an appointment? The data reveals missed appointments costs the healthcare industry $150 billion each year. With call tracking software, you can determine the number of missed opportunities that your healthcare practice experiences.

You can also use call tracking software to avoid missed calls. CallerInsight includes notifications among its features that help you capture calls and prevent missing calls. You can set up email or SMS alerts to automatically notify you of missed calls. These alerts make it easy to identify call-back opportunities so that you can take advantage of possible revenue-driving activities.

You can even use notifications to identify short calls. Knowing the call length can help you identify issues. If your team is spending too little time assisting patients in solving their issues you want to know. Maybe your sales team isn’t helping prospects down the sales funnel.

3. Different Revenue-Driving Ads From Revenue-Draining Ads

When your healthcare practice is in its startup phase, it’s not uncommon to manage your marketing campaigns internally. If you are following industry best practices, you’ll dedicate a portion of your gross revenue to your marketing budget. This amount equates to around 10 percent in the healthcare industry.

So, it’s critical to understand if where you’re spending your marketing budget makes sense for your business. It’s even more vital to track your calls and determine which ads are working for your company and which are draining your budget.

With call tracking, you can determine which advertisements are driving your patients to call. CallerInsights’ call logs features make it simple to track keywords from your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns that may have triggered a call. That means you’ll get a better insight into the types of advertisements that are driving your call volume. You’ll also make data-backed decisions to better allocate your ad spend and identify revenue-draining ads.

Final Thoughts

From properly managing missed healthcare calls to determining the effectiveness of your ad spend, call tracking helps you achieve your business goals. It’s important to have insight on the types of calls you are getting and how many calls you miss. It’s just as important to choose the right call tracking software that meets your needs.

Consider the goals you want to achieve and choose a reliable call tracking software. Caller Insight has all the features you need to help you enhance the customer experience and grow your healthcare practice.