Call Tracking for Direct Mail

All you need to determine the best direction to send your campaigns in.
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Direct Mail Done Right

Calculate the calls each campaign drives.

Manage your mailers with call tracking from Caller Insight. Take back control with the real-time data gathered from every inbound call. Without the help of call tracking, you have little way to determine which avenues of direct mail advertising were effective. Streamline and simplify the process of collecting call data with automated call tracking software. When you automate the call tracking process on your direct mail campaigns, you have more time to spend setting up the next one.

Make Every Mailer Count

Determine high-performing design elements.

Call tracking numbers allow for split testing between different elements in a direct mailer. Whether you change the color, text size, CTA location, paper size or background pattern, placing a unique phone number on each differently-designed mailer helps you determine which was most effective. Without the help of call tracking, it would be difficult to tell which call came from which advertisement. Use your findings to optimize future mailers and campaigns in general.

Hassle-Free Reporting

No one beats Caller Insight’s call reporting.

When you’re working with direct mail, it’s important to know which regions drew the best responses. You could track this with area codes by hand or you could employ call tracking software to do the heavy lifting for you. Speed up the process of sorting through large amounts of call data with reports broken down by:

  • Calls By Campaign
  • Unique Calls By Campaign
  • Calls By State
  • Average Call Duration
  • Minute Usage
  • Hours of Day
  • Days of Week

And each can be broken up further.