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Call Logs

Detailed call logs update in real time, providing specific information on each inbound call. Call logs display the campaign the call is from, caller information, the agent who took the call, the keyword the call came from (if from a PPC campaign), and provides space for notes and a disposition.

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Call Recording

Call recordings keep your call center running. Without effective call recording, you lose out on a contributing aspect of employee monitoring and quality assurance. Recordings are available for download in the call log in case you need to save a recording for training or guidance purposes.

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Call Routing

Various routing options are available to distribute leads in different ways. Hunt group evenly distributes inbound leads between all agents. Multi-ring sends the call to each agent at the same time for whoever answers first. Follow-me rings in a specific order that you set up beforehand.

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Real-Time Reporting

Stay up-to-date and in-the-moment with real-time reporting. In-depth calling analytics are compiled on the platform, giving you the option to break down information as necessary. Separate by campaign, state, call duration, minute usage, hour of the day, day of the week, and more.

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SMS/Email Alerts

Never miss another call-back opportunity with SMS and email alerts. Whenever you miss an inbound call, the software pushes an SMS message to your phone, an email to your computer, or both, depending on your settings. With this instant notification of a missed call, you can return it immediately.

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Insert a code snippet into your website that allows users to enter their phone number. Once they submit their number, an outbound call will automatically be placed out to them, a message will play, and then the call will forward onto your call center. From there it will funnel into your call routing pattern.

Keyword Call Tracking
Keyword Call Tracking Icon

Keyword Call Tracking

Determine which keywords on your PPC ad campaigns drive the most inbound calls. Keyword call tracking is ideal for marketers and agencies who rely heavily upon online search engine PPC advertising. Bid on your various keywords accordingly when you know how many calls each brings in.

How Does it Work?
  • 1. A potential customer uses a search engine to ask a question or find information.
  • 2. Visitor clicks on your online advertisements.
  • 3. Visitor lands on the landing page linked to your ad.
  • 4. A unique number is displayed for the visitor to call.
  • 5. Visitors calls the unique number displayed.
  • 6. Once all is completed receive in-depth reporting and analytics.

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I.V.R. Ready

Your Virtual Receptionist
  • Simultaneously handle more calls than a team or receptionists
  • Route inbound calls to the appropriate recipient
  • Multiple options for invalid selection and call timeout
  • Each dial pad digit corresponds with a different selection
Interactive Voice Response Phone
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