Call Tracking for Marketing & Advertising

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Manage Marketing Budgets

See which campaigns deserve your marketing dollars.

Spend your marketing dollars on the highest-performing campaigns. Determine which advertisements are most effective when you use call tracking software. Discover the source of each inbound call through a unique ID applied to each advertising campaign.

Track Keywords That Return Calls

Find out which keywords on PPC ads bring in the most calls.

Keyword call tracking helps marketing companies like yours determine the best PPC keyword phrases. Without the help of call tracking, you must rely on tracing analytics back to individual calls. Automate and simplify the process with keyword call tracking from Caller Insight and never worry misplaced PPC advertising dollars again.

Real-Time Reports

In-depth detail for every advertisement you run.

Find out which of your company’s advertisements provide the best returns. Track calls by campaign, unique calls, calls by state, average call duration, minute usage, hours of the day the call came in, days of the week, or how the call was dispositioned.