Call Tracking Price Plans.

All Companies, Large or Small Trust Our System. Setup Takes Minutes…
$25/ mo
Minutes Included 400
Included Minute Rate 6.6 Cents
Numbers Included 5
Features Included All
$98/ mo
Minutes Included 2000
Included Minute Rate 4.9 Cents
Each Toll Free/Local $2.50
Features Included All
Need a Larger Plan?
We offer competitive pricing for plans designed for higher volume to take your campaigns to the next level.
Pricing Questions?
Need more minutes or numbers?
Call us at (800) 357-5037 and we will tailor a package just for you.
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  • 5 Star Rating
    “Caller Insight’s platform is the best platform that we have integrated in the past year. We are not only able to track our calls, but we are also able to go through them and also find out which campaigns are driving the most traffic. Caller Insight is your #1 source for Call Tracking.”
    -Local SEO Sites
  • 5 Star Rating
    “I advertise on various different magazines, websites and could never keep track of which is working and which isn’t. Luckily your service does all that and more…for a Great Price!!! Your Call Tracking service is simply awesome!”
    -Bentley Motors
  • 5 Star Rating
    “Our team was ecstatic with Caller Insight’s potent platforms. Lead generation suddenly became a worry of the past.”
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Common Questions

What is Call Tracking?

Call tracking is a service that tracks and collects detailed reporting about each inbound call you receive. By using individual numbers on each advertising campaign you run, you can use call tracking to find out which advertising methods are most effective.

Caller Insight offers call tracking from an easy-to-use web-based platform. A/B test or multivariate test your advertisements, learn in-depth information about callers, and listen to recordings of calls to ensure quality performance.

Can I Change My Plan at Any Time?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade the plan you select at any time.

What is the Charge for Overage Minutes?

There is no overage rate if you go over on minutes; the rate per minute remains the same. For example, if you are on the $25/month plan at the rate of 6.6 cents per minute, and you go over your 5,000 minutes per month, your rate per minute will still be 6.6 cents.

How Do I Know Which Plan to Start With?

We suggest you choose your plan based on the advertising you are running and the amount of minutes you typically use for inbound calls. If you are unsure, our reps here at Caller Insight will help guide you in the right direction.

If I Add New Agents Is It Easy to Add New Lines?

You can add an agent’s phone number to your forwarding numbers at any time with the click of a button.

Can I Port My Numbers To & Away From Your Service?

Yes, you can port toll-free or local numbers to or from our service.

Are There Long-Term Contracts?

No, we offer month-to-month servicing because of our confidence in our service.

Do You Offer Local Numbers In My Area?

We have local numbers in all of the United States, Canada and Hawaii. Call us to verify that we have the numbers in your area. A $3 one time setup fee applies to local numbers.